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Online store website (

Online Shopping
Sell Anything, Anywhere and Accept Payment Online.
Our Online Store are professionally designed + user-friendly + effective and search engine optimized.

  • Modern and clean interface
  • Mobile friendly
  • Scalability
  • Excellent CRM | Store Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Up selling/Cross Selling
  • Promotions + Coupons
  • Featured Products
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Generates Invoices and Packing Slip
  • unlimited Categories
  • Wide Variety And Capacity In Product
  • Flexible Shipping Options
  • Integrated Marketing + SEO
  • Analytics + Reporting
  • Safe + Fast 1 page checkout
  • Paypal + Other Payment Gateways Integration
  • and More…
  • Our online shop would handle sophisticated order management, payment processing, discount and stock levels.
  • It has the capability to expand with you as your business grow.
  • Provide all your business details and get a free business assessment.
  • Let us find the right online shop solution for you.
Small Business Web Design

Website Redesign

website redesign for small business in Castle Hill NSW

Considering a site redesign for 2021?

Perhaps you want a more appealing and attractive website or and seeking to improve online performance.Redesign is a common strategy for business owners seeking to better business results,improve customer loyalty and drive revenue increase.Your website is an valuable part of your business as its the digital presence online and should be a reflection of your brand and company.

Type of Websites
Different types of websites that be built to meet the needs of your business.Each has its own individual purpose/need and can be customised according to your business model.

  • Information
  • Online Store
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Combination of 2 or more of the above.

When you understand what the purpose of your website is the better we can create the website that will offer what you need and want for your business.Is it time for an Upgrade?

Contact us for an website redesign project.

Online Shop Web Design

Advantages of an online business

The internet allows a business owner to connect with lots of buyers in the space of their own Wi-Fi connected home.
It offers an opportunity to sell to the world.
The benefits of an internet or online business include:

Minimum Startup Cost

No financial commitment to renting a shop or hire a market stall.
Use online or shopping cart instead so its lowers the cost of starting up your business.
The costs of premises are replaced by server hosting costs which reduces the risk.

24/7 Opening Hours

An internet business never sleeps.
You are open 24/7. The promise of the internet is a business that once set up can be left to run itself.
Its low maintenance and money generating engine.
Please note this is not to suggest that you will be hugely profitable in your business venture.

Performance Testing

You could test out the performance of different product lines quickly and the production limited to what you can handle and afford.
If there’s an enough demand you can increase production and enhance the shopping experience for your customers.
You could also determine the effectiveness of your marketing approaches during this period and decide whether to increase marketing spend.

Scalable Business

Online business are scale to suit you.
They can take much less time than traditional businesses as much of the work normally done by people is handled by the website application.

Just as Good

A well designed and high performing website can appear just as credible as the big players (global corporations).
You are still able to compete in the market despite being small and no one knows.

Please Note: There are disadvantages to an online business too.
The fact that you can get a shopping cart up and running quickly means there’s a likelihood that there will be companies already servicing it.
Whatever sector you choose, there’s always potential competitors!.
Our website centre project is responsible for supplying an effective online “sale funnel” for our customers.
That is to create well designed eCommerce store that includes the process from choosing a product to paying for it.
For all enquiries regarding our services,please use our contact us page.

Small Business Web Design

Types of Internet Business

Types of website

The three categories of business that the internet facilitates;

  1. Location based business
  2. Goods and services
  3. Online services and information
Location Based Business

A well designed website establishes credibility with your customers.
It also tells them how to get in touch with you.
The website could be use to communicate your experience and expertise, share knowledge and incentivise customers with specials.

Sell Goods

The majority of eCommerce is now conducted through companies with no physical shop front.
All the infrastructure such as stock management, product display and payment processing are included when setting up an online retailer.
The website acts as product catalogue and also a marketing channel for your business.

Sell Online Services and Information

You could use the internet to sell your own internet-related skills.
E.g. a copywriter or photographer.
You’ll use your website to sell your services and showcase your abilities, skills, and experience.
Selling Information products like eBooks in the form of PDFs, seminars in MP4 or videos.
To charge for a product you need to be an expert in the relevant field and or that the material you want to sell is not accessible outside your site.
The advantage of these products is that they can easily be setup and sold for years with minimal change.

Understanding which category of business you fall into will help us shape our website plan for you.
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