Happy New Year 2020!.

One of my new year’s resolution is to redesign my website for 2020.
I wanted to focus on the importance of NEW,which means entering the new year on a clean slate.
This involves cleaning out the unnecessary stuff, be it your closet, room, house or your business that might have an adverse effect on your life and your work,hence this brand new website.
After all you want to make 2020 the best year possible right?

People search the internet when they are looking for a local business and your website is the first interaction people have with your company.

Rebuilding your site after a few years is a good idea as the website can become tired looking,it might need a new style and usability.
With any new business, the goal is to gain sales or conversions, where the aim is to convert visitors into paid customers.
A fresh website helps keep users engaged with your business. It could increase visits to your website and increase your revenue.
To help keep your business growing its also vital to produce quality content via email marketing, write and/or update content consistently, and have a social media marketing presence.

Oh well ,that’s it for now and Happy 2020!.