How many web pages for a website?


Web Pages

When considering a website for your business, you need to find the right structure before it is built.
A website is made up of series of web pages namely Home, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Product/Services are usually the core. You could include other page titles as you like.

Home Page

The is the landing page visitors will reach once a web address is typed into a web browser.
Home page needs to confirm to visitors that they are in the right place. Keep the main aims of your business on this page.

About Us

Describe the company and your team here.
Give enough information to give your visitors about who you are and why they should do business with you.

Contact Us

Have a form where customers could ask questions and get support from you. Include your business phone number, mobile, postal address and a map if you have a location based business.

Privacy Policy

This is the page to tell visitors or customers that their details are treated with respect. It’s a legal requirement to protect the privacy of your visitors and customers when browsing your site.


Show your services or products lists and include the prices if possible. Have a Description of the services and or products if its an online shop.

Delivery Policy or Terms and Conditions

For eCommerce or online retail shop, let your potential customers know when they can expect their products to be delivered.
For electronic goods such downloadable products purchasers expect instant delivery.
For physical goods same day dispatch if possible. List the conditions and terms applicable to your business here.

In all our website projects business owners are able to add or remove pages to respond to the needs of your visitors
and marketing campaigns as they arise.
The structure of your website is changeable. You are in control of your content hence a self-managed content website.
Hope this post helps you in deciding the web copy of your website

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