Email Marketing

Use Email Marketing Campaign to boost your Brand’s Visibility

Email Marketing is another approach to build brand awareness as almost everyone with access to the internet has an email account whereas not everyone uses social.
Email Marketing often uses leads :

  • already in your database (current customer, an active member of  your website and so on)
  • leads from a list (subscribers to newsletters)

It is a great way to keep in touch with your leads when you are

  • launching a new product/service
  • promoting new content articles
  • attending an event and so on

It also attracts them to your website, blog, social channel, events and webinars, making a fantastic channel to move leads through your sales funnel.

Emails should be of one of the following purposes:

  • Promotional ( promote an action-downloading an book, sign up for an event)
  • Transactional ( related to a purchase or event registration)
  • Communication ( update/communicate some sort of information, like newsletter or product announcement)
  • Business Relationship Development ( personalized communications with your leads)
  • Reminders ( service appointment reminders)

Small Business Email Marketing

Email marketing is a common online marketing approach businesses would use to:

  • build a company’s public image
  • advertise the business products/service, campaigns and events.
  • email allows you to actively make contact and deliver a message

Within an email you can provide your company details and include a call to action that links to the specific promotional part of your website or blog.
You could also track the response rate to email.
For an effective email marketing campaign, you might like to consider the following strategies:

  • Target audience should have an interest in your information
  • Good content and call to action
  • Good landing page

Our Email Marketing Services

We can help you set up your email campaigns and manage bulk email services.
These services usually include:

  • Create emails and newsletter design that is brand consistent
  • Personalise the address field
  • Create content or add content you provide for your autoresponders and newsletters
  • Provide instant feedback on key stats like  open rate , click rate, unsubscribe rate, bounced, delivered and sent
  • Send them out to your specified recipients list at nominated times.

The key to attracting and keeping customers is to reach them the way they want to be reached and where they want to be reached.
Is it time to update your Social Media strategies and commit to a consistent email marketing campaign?

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