Castle Hill Website Redesign

Castle Hill Website Redesign Perhaps you want a more appealing and attractive website or seeking to improve online performance.Redesign is a common strategy for business owners seeking to better business results, improve customer loyalty and drive revenue increase. Your website is a valuable part of your business as its the digital presence online and should… Continue reading Castle Hill Website Redesign

Internet Business

Internet Business The internet allows a business owner to connect with lots of buyers in the space of their own Wi-Fi connected home.It offers an opportunity to sell to the world.The benefits of an internet or online business include: Minimum Start-up Cost No financial commitment to renting a shop or hire a market stall.Use online… Continue reading Internet Business

How many web pages?

Web Pages When considering a website for your business, you need to find the right structure before it is built.A website is made up of series of web pages namely Home, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Product/Services are usually the core. You could include other page titles as you like. Home Page The is… Continue reading How many web pages?