Brand Blogging

A blog is simply a collection of articles that you feature on your website. It can be written on any topic or topics relevant to your brand.
Blogging is a way to demonstrate your knowledge , abilities and it can help you to grow your audience.
This means that you can write blog posts that provide more thorough information about the products/services you sell or simply provide your guidance on the best use of the products or services and so on.

Your company blog is where you get a chance show your personality, create brand awareness, build credibility as the thought leader in your field and more.
It is also a tool for lead generation as it enables you to prompt readers to subscribe to your blog.
So if a reader fills out a form with their email address and name, she/he will get email digests of your blog daily, weekly or monthly.
This is another way to get good leads into your database.
Blog posts are shareable on social channels, so this is a great reason to show your best content on your blogs.
Once you create a relationship based on trust, you can push products and services through the blog platform, and your clients will listen to your recommendations.

How to Blog?

You can blog for fun, part of your business or on lifestyle topics such as beauty, travel , yoga , fitness , vegan lifestyle and so on.
Here’s what to consider

  • Select a niche
  • Choose a platform (Website Centre can help set one up)
  • Pick/register a domain name (register with
  • Branding
  • Create a schedule
  • Start blogging